Luminara - a fantastic, scented candle with realistic flame technology.

These beautiful candles use patented, flame effect technology and are practically indistinguishable from traditional burning candles. Luminara candles have an approximate lifespan of 4,000 hours and can be used anywhere a conventional candle would be placed, without the risk of naked flame. Their versatility also allows them to be used in locations where you wouldn’t normally place a candle such as children’s bedrooms, elderly care homes, retail and leisure spaces and even film locations. Powered by two double D batteries lasting approximately 500 hours, Luminara candles contain an internal LED source which shines through a prism onto a ‘flame’. They also feature a great timer function - set your candle to timer and will turn on for 5 hours at the same time every day. Great as a security measure, or to welcome you home each day.

Patented by Disney Corporation, The Luminara ‘flame’ moves in a random fashion, created by two magnets repelling against each other and is virtually indistinguishable to the movement of a real candle flame, retaining the elegance and romance of a true burning flame. The product is superior in every way to LED flameless candles, which do not show the candle flame but instead have a random glowing light pattern, hidden inside a wax or plastic shell. 

Luminara candles provide a safe, cost-effective lighting solution that can be used almost anywhere, lasting years longer than a burning wax candle. The possibilities are endless. Use Luminara candles to illuminate your home, patio, garden, studio, restaurant or storefront. Requires 2 x D batteries, not included. All Luminara Candles are scented (except metallics).

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