CODE: 37987
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IS GIFT Facial Rollers Jade & Rose Quartz (2Asst) (min 8)
CODE: 37987
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Dual-ended massage tool designed to help revitalise complexion and improve skin tone.
This dual-ended massage tool has been handmade from quality, natural crystal and is designed to revitalise the complexion.
The benefits
•          Improves circulation and skin tone
•          Improves elasticity of the skin
•          Reduces puffiness and wrinkles
•          Reduces dark under-eye circles
•          Tightens and reduces pore size
•          Eliminates toxins
•          Relaxtion and stress relief
How to  use
1.         Use morning and night, after cleansing and applying your  facial moisturiser, oil or serum
2.         Roll gently over face and neck in an outward and upward motion for 1-2 minutes
3.         Store the roller in the fridge to increase benefits
Jade properties
Known for its calming abilities; great for irritated skin. Encourages growth of new skin cells and is therefore ideal for eliminating wrinkles.
Rose quartz properties
Known to realease impurities and reduce stress in the skin. Best for detoxing, lifting and softening fine lines and wrinkles, alongside draining toxins.
Care instructions
•          Wipe clean with a clean, damp cloth after each use.
•          To deep clean, use warm water and soap then pat dry to avoid rusting the metal.
•          Use supplied microfibre cloth to polish.
Note: Due to natural formation of the stones, each tool will be unique and will vary in colour. One facial roller and microfibre cloth included.

Barcode: 9323307084421
Recommended Age: This is NOT a toy
Batteries Required: Not required
Care Instructions: Wash with warm water, dry thoroughly
Dimensions (no pkg): Length: 145mm. Big roller: 45mm. Small roller: 25mm
Display Dimensions: NA
Inner Carton Dimensions and weight: 220 x130 x 220mm @4kg (50% recycled card)
Item Dimensions (in pckg) & weight: 98 x 197 x 20mm @0.095kg
Outer Carton Dimensions and weight: 470 x 290 x 470mm @8.5kg (50% recycled card)
Item Made from: Jade, Rose quartz.
Packaging Type: Window box


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CODE: 37987
Minimum Quantity: 8 units (Quantity must be multiple of 8 units)
Availability: In Stock
IS GIFT Crystal Chakra Set (6Disp)
CODE: 12085
Minimum Quantity: 6 units (Quantity must be multiple of 6 units)
Availability: Back Ordered

Contains 7 polished stones/ crystals & a 10cm piece of Selenite to recharge the stones , plus a booklet explaining the 7 chakras and their characteristics and connection to the stones/ crystals.
IS GIFT Crystal Gua Sha Massage Tool (2Asst) (Min 8)
CODE: 37968
Minimum Quantity: 8 units (Quantity must be multiple of 8 units)
Availability: Back Ordered

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese technique that has been used for centuries to bring new life to dull, and aging skin with gentle stimulating massage.
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