Wu - WU

“It is our hope that our products will make your life a little sweeter every time you use them.”
Fiona Hewitt’s gorgeous products boast design-savvy goods with a fresh, contemporary perspective on vintage Chinese styles. “My illustrations are inspired by years spent living in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong, endlessly trawling the flea markets and junk shops for inspiration.  “I fell in love with the vintage Asian packaging styles and wanted to re-create the sweet sentiment and feeling of discovery that could be gained from buying even a simple household object like a packet of needles or a tin of shoe polish.”

Sentimental, sophisticated, incredibly functional - the range has been designed to illuminate any household space with Scottish illustrator, Fiona Hewitt’s distinctive, vintage color schemes and unique, highly-rendered illustrations. The practical yet fun range, which also includes purses and bags, centres on a series of to-die-for cute tin kits that scream-out to be brought home and loved forever. Each one is packed with painstakingly chosen and customized products that espouse the retro cute sentiment.

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